Friday, 14 October 2011

Timesheets: Vital for Every Single Business

Irrespective of the nature of the company timesheet are mandatory .One of the highly risk factor where an employee can loose money is mainly when they don't keep a track of its work duration . Normally in organisations when they don't track the work done effectively they are in a risk of overpaying their employees. Hence to solve all this kind of issues the only viable option is using a timesheet and updating them periodically.
The first and foremost benefits of having a timesheet is that they will ensure that the payroll is proper and perfect .When there are many employees in a company then proper care should be taken when preparing payroll because a small problem occurred while processing a payroll will show an adverse effect in the company but even though if at most care is taken to prepare payroll manually there is a possibility of ending up with few flaw and hence the only dependable option is timesheet. They help a lot in overpaying the employees and hence avoid this problem.

The next important thing is timesheets are a written proof about the work done by the employees .Some employees might argue that they have worked for longer hours than they have been paid for if there are no proper records then the employee has to be paid for the thing as he demands but if the timesheet is implemented then there will be a solid proof to prove the time the employee has worked .

Another important reason for using timesheet is they track overtime , When the working duration of an employee exceeds the 40 hour mark then the amount paid by the companies to the employees is more than the usual time tracking and hence this should be tracked well and timesheet will be indispensable in this case.

It is always wise to go for a computerized timesheets as they will make the life easier and provide us a more reliable and accurate data.Using a manual timesheet might temp the employees to add false information but this kind of malpractices can be easily handled in the case of timesheet.Hence on all aspects timesheets looks to a mandatory implement ion in each and every company.


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