Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Monitoring Employees Made Easy With Time Tracking Software!

                                                               Time tracking software can help you a lot to increase the efficiency of the company's operation. Timesheet is an excellent tool for both professionals and also for managing household activities. In an organisation it can be used to track the amount of time spent by each employee. These information will be used in many process especially payroll processing. This will be of great use to both the employer and the employee. There is no need to use a separate software to maintain the vacation and sick leaves timesheet can be used for that purpose. This also helps the organisation to maintain and track the time spent by its employees in internet activity that does not relate to business. This software will also help you to generate reports in real time at a very faster rate.

 Timesheet can be used to track the complete productivity of the employee . Some of the employees might prefer to stay at home. A time tracking software is a mandatory in such an organisation where it can be used to track the time of the employees even when they prefer to stay at home to do the same work. Using this tracking the idle hours and lunch hours will also be effective. Using this billing can be done very effectively and accurately and maintaining invoices will be a cake walk.It will be very useful for a wide variety of people.

 A proper care should be taken when you select a timesheet. If you have got offices across various time zones in US or in any other nation then you have to choose a software that will be ideal for this scenario and it should be it should handle time zone issues properly and a web based timesheet will be an ideal option for this. Another important factor that needs consideration is flexibility , quick and simple installation , free of bugs and real time report generation. If the timesheet would inform the employer when the predefined budget or deadline nears it will be really beneficial.

 Above all user friendliness is a mandatory feature is the timesheet you are going to install in your organisation. As this timesheet will be used by employees on all level from the top level to the bottom level employees in the organisation a simple GUI is a must and it should not confuse non-technical users with lot of features. sprayed over the window. Only the required and necessary features should be displayed. It should be very effective in allocating project to the employees there should not be any overlapping of the work. If a project consists of over utilization or under utilization of the employees timesheet should be able to indicate to the employer.

 Companies that once thought these timesheet as an additional burden before installation are now reaping the real benefit of this. Quite an accurate forecasting and cost estimates have been made easy. Hence timesheet is indispensable irrespective of the size of the organisation and the possiblites provided by this timesheet is practically limitless.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Selecting a suitable timesheet

                                          In business it is quite mandatory that the business owners should place the vital systems in place that help in effective functioning and operation of any company . The systems that are connected to the money flow , that handles the payroll process are very vital and utmost care should be taken before such kind of installations are made . Irrespective of the size of the organisation timesheet software plays a crucial part in handling money flow and payroll processing in an organisation .When a appropriate timesheet software is used then the functionalities can be managed more effectively .   
                 For a long time paper based timesheets were used for various purposes and these paper based timesheets has to be filled manually. These paper based timesheet has got lot of issues like inefficiency and late submissions. Even small issues in the timesheet can affect the money flow and inaccuracy during payroll calculation. To avoid these problems a better option that these timesheet users can opt for is to use timesheet software that comes as web based or a stand alone computer application . The options provided by this software is wide and a business owner can select an appropriate one according to the needs . When a web based timesheet is implemented in an organisation the possibilities are actually limitless . when a web based timesheet is used then then there is no need to employ someone to manually look after the payroll entry and processing . Added to this even though utmost care is taken to manipulate the payroll careful there is a possibility of leaving some sort of error this can create chaos among the employees. But when paper based timesheet is chosen there is no chance of manipulating the data wrongly . And the business owners can effectively charge the buyers by showing a perfect record of the amount of time the employees have spent on a project . This help them to avoid conflicts regarding payement between the buyer and the seller . 
                                                     Added to this the business owners will have more time to operate and monitor the business and concentrate in other efficient works .For organisations to work effectively it is important for the business owners to place the system that helps in effective functioning to be put in place . Certainly timesheet will be of great help in effectively managing the organisation and indicating the defaulters list and budget breach to the supervisors. This will provide an effective solution to effectively manage the flow of money which is very vital for an organisation irrespective of the size. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Easy Time Management with Timesheet

Managing time is a very crucial part in any organisation and a proper time management can play a crucial part in the success of the organisation . Implementing timesheet is a very easy and efficient way to manage time . Even if the company is new to timesheet it is very easy to learn , anyone with basic computer knowledge can operate this timesheet , once this is implemented it can bring you huge benefits .

Time management and Timesheet are nonseperatable . Before switching onto Timesheet's influence in time management . One should know What is time management? This can be well defined as the management of priority to achieve the goals in the given time requirement . This time management helps us to complete our goals with in proper time duration and gain reputation from the clients.

Managing Time with the help of timesheet can bring you the following benefits .

1)Increase in Efficiency

2)Reduced manual work

3)Increased accuracy

4)Keeping the goals updated

5)To maintain a transparency between the employer and employee .

Increase in Efficiency
When the employees start to use a proper web based timesheet they can keep in track of the work done by them . And the employer will have a clear view of the work done by the employees . This will avoid the problem of over utilization and under utilization in the employees and the resources .

Reduced manual work
If the company is large and if the number of employees in the company is huge then the process of payroll processing and the process of keeping track of the work done by the employees will be a huge task and they need a huge manual effort to process . Timesheet will essentially simplify them .

Increased accuracy
When the payroll is computed for a huge number of employees manually then there is a chance to end up with some sort of error in the calculation when done manually . But with the help of timesheet we can easily eliminate all this problems . .

Keeping the goals updated
Timesheet will help us to keep our goals updated. If the budget of a project is going beyond a pre set milestone or if the project deadline is approaching this time sheet can be of greater use in these aspects .

To maintain a transparency between the employer and employee
This timesheet will act as a solid proof to show the workers the amount of time they have worked . Even if the employees argue that they have been paid lesser than what they have worked for then the report generated by this timesheet can be of help to the employer to cross check the time worked by a particular employee .

Friday, 14 October 2011

Timesheets: Vital for Every Single Business

Irrespective of the nature of the company timesheet are mandatory .One of the highly risk factor where an employee can loose money is mainly when they don't keep a track of its work duration . Normally in organisations when they don't track the work done effectively they are in a risk of overpaying their employees. Hence to solve all this kind of issues the only viable option is using a timesheet and updating them periodically.
The first and foremost benefits of having a timesheet is that they will ensure that the payroll is proper and perfect .When there are many employees in a company then proper care should be taken when preparing payroll because a small problem occurred while processing a payroll will show an adverse effect in the company but even though if at most care is taken to prepare payroll manually there is a possibility of ending up with few flaw and hence the only dependable option is timesheet. They help a lot in overpaying the employees and hence avoid this problem.

The next important thing is timesheets are a written proof about the work done by the employees .Some employees might argue that they have worked for longer hours than they have been paid for if there are no proper records then the employee has to be paid for the thing as he demands but if the timesheet is implemented then there will be a solid proof to prove the time the employee has worked .

Another important reason for using timesheet is they track overtime , When the working duration of an employee exceeds the 40 hour mark then the amount paid by the companies to the employees is more than the usual time tracking and hence this should be tracked well and timesheet will be indispensable in this case.

It is always wise to go for a computerized timesheets as they will make the life easier and provide us a more reliable and accurate data.Using a manual timesheet might temp the employees to add false information but this kind of malpractices can be easily handled in the case of timesheet.Hence on all aspects timesheets looks to a mandatory implement ion in each and every company.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Online Employee Time sheets

In most of the start up companies they will maintain their work record only in excel sheet. It is arguably a tedious task to maintain the records in an excel time sheet and also there is a high possibility of getting some erroneous results.Companies used to offer excel timesheet software's with in-build features like:
  • The year can be typed in as any year desired
  • The total hours for a given day are been displayed in hours and minutes.
  • Hours worked and leave hours have totals at the bottom of the column.
However the pains of maintaining an excel timesheet was always there with the people managing them and the hunt for options was always on. Then there was Outlook timesheet . Here the features were one up from excel timesheet like:
  • It had user interface
  • Remote access feature using Outlook / Exchange messaging solution.
  • Approval Routing with Automatic Notification was another good feature of outlook timesheet .
  • Administrators can set rules in outlook and
    Outlook companies claimed to provide the highest level of security
All was going well, however with the fast moving technology; companies needed more flexibility and efficiency according to their work environment that was not available in outlook. This is when Online Employee Timesheet came in as the solution for the industry.
                            Timesheet software allowed users to enter and approve timesheet and expense reports online using only a web browser. It is a comprehensive web-hosted timesheet software application that streamlines time and attendance, expenses, benefits, time off, and other HR related processes developed specifically keeping your company requirements in mind.
                            Timesheet software helps in eliminating paper work and reduces the countless hours lost to tedious tasks like repetitive data entry, error correction, and waiting for approvals. Timesheet software provides numerous features such as instant overtime calculators, mass approvals, automatically applied company OT rules, even automatic email reminders. Managing timesheet software and projects online increases efficiency and number of benefits compared to traditional desktop-based installed software. Employees can log in to their timesheet software from any computer requiring only an internet connection and browser. Timesheet Software is available at all times, from home or the office, or even your client's office. There are no timesheet software downloads, nothing to install and you are always using the most up to date version. Additionally, your data is hosted at state-of-the-art Data Center, guaranteeing immunity against prolonged power outages, flooding, fire and other natural disasters. Companies offer Online Timesheet solutions with added features like Project timesheet, Excel based Online Timesheets and many more.

Importance of using a timesheet

It never matters if your consulting firm is small or medium sized or a code warrior for hire in a back room of your house then you have at least one thing in common: The main motive behind any business should be to make profit without turning down the values .Managing workforce and work is a key aspect in employee management .And we need something automatic to allocate time among the employees and manage them effectively because both over utilization and under utilization of resources is always a huge problem .To solve these kind of issues we have timesheets that come into play .Timesheets are the usual method for tracking time you spent working and thus are the key to timely invoice generation. Timesheets are very important for two main important aspects basically .

1) If We have timesheet we can well keep track of the work ,like the completed work,work in progress ,number of people assigned for a particular work and by simple query we can very easily get the required information manually creating and maintaining all these records will be a tedious task ahead.
2)In the case of online timesheet the case is an added advantage,Because if the timesheet is online then there is no necessity that the admin should be onsite to manage things.Even if he is on a vacation he can monitor the works done by his employees .
                                       Timesheets used to be monthly, then weekly, daily, and now can be updated to the minute. A timesheet software package like timesheet MTS or Timesheets Lite is simple to administer, is simple for the casual user to enter time, and most importantly is simple for the accounts department to use and generate the reports they need for prompt invoicing.
                                           It is the high time today to move away from paper based time timesheet as it would not only be a tedious task to maintain paper based records but also errors are always highly possible even though atmost care is taken to avoid errors manually and these errors would expand to huge level when the records are manupulted for a period of time . When you have a system be vigilant! Make sure your people are accurate and timely with their entries, and make sure accounts are prompt in issuing invoices! .Act swiftly and make your decisions intelligent as the quote says "Opportunity never knows your door twice"